Create your own name badges

Wherever you work, customers, clients, patients and colleagues love putting a name to a face. This simple finishing touch to a uniform can really break the ice and adds a professional touch to your business.

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Create stunning ID cards

When it comes to events, home visits, conferences or in large workplaces, photo ID is a real necessity as it allows staff to be properly identified where necessary and adds an extra layer of security.

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Got your own artwork?

The clue is in the name...

At ID Breeze, we know that designing and ordering staff and event badges can seem alien to most.
This is why we decided to offer our badge designing software for free to all of our customers.

With our badge design tool, you can create as many designs as you like until it looks absolutely perfect.

Most companies will charge you artwork setup fees and then offer a small selection of designs with more fees
for any amendments that need to be made. We're in no way against that, you're paying for an artist's time and designs
but if you want to do it yourself, it's really easy and it'll save you a packet.

Of course, you can also send us your own completed artwork. We won't charge any fees for this, even if we need to
resize it to work with our software, all part of the service.

Unsure how to get started? Head to the top of the page and select a builder or if you're sending artwork
or need any assistance, email

Here's what our customers say

Once I got the hang of the badge builder it was really easy, quick turnaround too!


Really simple to create badges for our staff using the tool, good value and the badges themselves are really high quality. Will definitely order from ID breeze again in the future.

Mike, LÜT UK

Thanks for the great badges and simple badge maker, A+ service!

Charlotte, Benny Furniture